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Kunsthaus Jägermeister is an art project funded by Jägermeister. The goal of Kunsthaus

Jägermeister is to give artists a place to create art, make connections, learn about being a

professional artist and gain a visible foothold in the Finnish art scene.

Kunsthaus provides five artists with a creative space, top-notch art equipment, exposure

through networking events and media presence and knowledge through workshops and

keynote speakers. The principles on our team is sharing ideas, perspectives and concepts to learn from each other’s viewpoints.


Kunsthaus Jägermeister is all about creating art without limits.


Kunsthaus Jägermeister will have interesting international and domestic visitors and keynote speakers teaching artists and guests about different fields of art. The keynote events or "Kunst-Talks" will be interactive, eye-opening presentations and conversations about current topics in the art scene for art lovers, artists and guests alike.

The project's final exhibition will be held on 29. & 30.9. where the artists will be present showcasing their art and telling about the process behind it.

Our main partner is Tempera, who offers all the top-notch equipment our artists need to create their art.

Read what Dr. Sam Inkinen wrote about Kunsthaus in 2021 here. (in Finnish)


Photo by Saku Soukka


Alexandra Kollerová

Allow us to introduce this year’s curator Alexandra Kollerová.

Alex is a very experienced cultural producer who is responsible for the artistic side of the project. Alex's role as a curator also includes hand-picking our awesome artists for the year 2023.

Read more about Alex below.


Alexandra Kollerová (b. 1991 Bratislava, Slovakia) is a curator and cultural producer currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Alex completed their higher education in Humanities and Art History at Birkbeck, University of London in 2018. To kick-start their career, Alex worked as a curatorial intern at P21 gallery, a London-based charitable trust promoting contemporary Arab art and culture.


Based in Helsinki since 2018, Alex worked with the Helsinki Urban Art centre, Myymälä2 gallery and Helsinki Photo Festival, among others. Since the summer of 2020, Alex has been working at Globe Art Point in a position of a project manager advocating cultural equity, diversity and inclusion in the Finnish arts and culture sector. Alex is also a vice-chairperson of Helsinki International Artists' Association and freelance curator.


Alex is fascinated by art forms that are non-confirmative and stand outside of the context of traditional art venues. They have extensive experience in communications, marketing, exhibition and event production and their specialty is content writing, abstract thinking and storytelling.


Contact information

IG: @alex_arty_farty

  • Instagram
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