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Kunsthaus Jägermeister is an art project funded by Jägermeister. The goal of Kunsthaus

Jägermeister is to give artists a place to create art, make connections, learn about being a

professional artist and gain a visible foothold in the Finnish art scene.

Kunsthaus provides six artists with a creative space, top-notch art equipment, exposure

through networking events and media presence and knowledge through workshops and

keynote speakers. This year’s theme for Kunsthaus is "The Night", from which all participants will draw inspiration and work on, using the techniques that seems best to them. The principles on our team is sharing ideas, perspectives and concepts to learn from each other’s viewpoints.


Kunsthaus Jägermeister is all about creating art without limits.


Kunsthaus Jägermeister will have interesting international and domestic visitors and keynote speakers teaching artists and guests about different fields of art. The keynote events or "Kunst-Talks" will be interactive, eye-opening presentations and conversations about current topics in the art scene for art lovers, artists and guests alike.

The project's final exhibition will be held on 23. & 24.9. in Siltasaari 10, where the artists will be present showcasing their art and telling about the process behind it.

Our main partner is Tempera, who offers all the top-notch equipment our artists need to create their art.

Read what Dr. Sam Inkinen wrote about Kunsthaus in 2021 here. (in Finnish)

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Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin

Allow us to introduce this year’s curator Yvapurü Samaniego Bonnin.

Yvapurü is a very experienced artist who is responsible for the artistic side of the project. His role as a curator has also included hand-picking our awesome artists for this year.

Read more about Yvapurü below.


Yvapurü is a visual artist working in a range of mixed media. He has been trained between Asunción, Barcelona, New York & Helsinki, exhibiting since 1996. Has studied in Arts in Paraguay, and at the New York Institute of Photography, USA.

His expressive versatility unfolds as a draftsman, painter, sculptor, photographer and performer. He has a long working experience in interior and furniture design. In 2015 he was selected to participate at the XX Kuvataideviikot - International Contemporary Fair of Art in Finland, where the Pekilo Art Museum added one of his art-works to their private collection. His interest in art education brought him to work in Annantalo Art Centre as an art teacher the year 2016, the same summer he was also working there as an artist in residency. Yvapurü has created several artistic projects and workshops for Design District Helsinki, Swedish Culture Institute, Goethe Zentrum, Ihana Helsinki Festival, Kolibrí Festivaali and Latin American Film Festival. He has exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in Austria, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Spain, UK and in the United States. He is a member of the Council of Global Art Point,  Kulttuuria Kaikille - Culture for All Service & Pehmeä Vandalismi Collective and collaborates with many cultural associations to promote the Latin American Arts and Literature in the Nordic countries. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.


The adventure of exploring unpopular or non traditional places in contemporary society has led me to discover a great variety of feelings and particular situations, all of which are reflected in each and every one of my works. 

Every moment or situation I go through becomes essential for my perception and understanding of art in all its forms and variants. This is displayed in my current artistic relation, where the junction point unites the demands of political art and the work of others: feminism, minorities, and other activist positions. It is a pact that contemporary representation reaches in order to show or refer to an object, as the everyday is.

The quotidian, the everyday, is often related to the cliché, to the fetish, to the object as an individual part of the self, instead of being seen as something fleeting in time. 


“We are living museum of our own history”.



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