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Photo by Anna Poleteli


Contemporary artist


Art for me is an important piece of life which makes me feel totally full as a person.

If we imagine our life as a puzzle, then art for me as a piece of this puzzle.


The art school sessions since I was a teenager have provided me with knowledge and skills, the love of creating something new with design skills I gained over the years as a designer and clothing constructor, while complementing each other to immersed me in the world of contemporary art, like a break from the work process.


Nowadays working with upcycling materials, using tissue paper, acrylic paint, already used canvas, rocks, concrete, plastic, sand, metal, everything as an idea of looking around and see the art everywhere, my collection of contemporary art called «Nature x man-made materials as an art»

I am also passionate about digital design, creating collage for fashion and lifestyle.


«Let's find something deep, maybe what we don’t have in our life, or in our soul.»

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