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SAVE-THE-DATE: 26.8. - 6.10. 2024



Application period is between 8th of March and 31th of March, 2024.

Link to the application: 

Kunsthaus Jägermeister's fourth season of the studio residency in Helsinki introduces a new approach to participant selection: the "project competition". Spearheaded by the residency curator Alex Kollerová, this innovative method ensures equal opportunity for all applicants while emphasising the creative essence of their proposals.


The project competition unfolds in several stages:

  1. Anonymous Project Submissions: Artists submit their project ideas anonymously (using pseudonym). This anonymity ensures that each proposal is evaluated solely on its artistic merit, free from biases related to the artists' backgrounds or reputations.

  2. Shortlisting Pseudonyms: The residency curator reviews the submissions and shortlists 12 artists based on the originality, creativity, and feasibility of their ideas.

  3. Announcement and Confirmation: Kunsthaus Jägermeister announces the shortlisted artists on its Instagram channel. Artists are given a brief window to confirm their participation via email, during which they are also asked to provide their artistic resumes and portfolios. This stage allows the curator to assess each artist's past work and experience.

  4. Final Selection: With confirmed participants and additional materials at hand, the curator meticulously evaluates each artist considering the dynamic within the group as well as diversity among the group members. The final group of six artists is selected, prioritising those who exhibit a willingness to explore new media and concepts, aligned with the residency's values of inclusivity and respect for all life forms.


The project competition champions creativity without constraints. It encourages artists to delve into uncharted territories, experiment across disciplines, and blend diverse techniques and media. By shunning thematic restrictions and embracing artistic freedom, the competition fosters an environment where groundbreaking ideas flourish. We are looking for creative out-of-the-box ideas that are non-confirmative, daring to say the least.

Aspiring participants are urged to unleash their imaginations, transcend boundaries, and submit proposals that defy convention. Kunsthaus Jägermeister eagerly anticipates receiving mind-bending applications that embody the spirit of fearless exploration. Kunsthaus Jägermeister is all about creating art without limits.

This year, we will select 6 artists to work together for a period of 6 weeks (26.8. - 6.10.) in the shared studio space in Helsinki (the exact location will be confirmed later). We expect the artists to work a minimum of 3 days per week. The days can be chosen by the artists themselves but there will be weekly check-ins with the curator (Wednesdays 4-6 pm).

On top of that, each artist is required to facilitate a Kunst Talk presenting themselves, their work, art practice and techniques to the public (Wednesdays 6-8 pm). The Talk should be connected to a larger theme that would be essentially educational e.g. your presentation could be accompanied by showing examples of art or artists that inspired your work. You could discuss various art periods or movements or you could focus on specific historical events in art history or present new practices in contemporary artmaking.

Each residency participant will be provided with a budget to experiment with their work that is to be exhibited in the final residency exhibition. This year the budget is 200 € (50 % off in Tempera = 400 €). The artists are responsible for their own budgets ensuring that the work produced during the residency fits within the budget. Working with readymade, found and recycled objects is strongly encouraged.

Kunsthaus does not take any commission from the art that is made and sold during the art residency. In addition, a group piece is to be made by all residency participants. The piece will be showcased in the final exhibition and later gifted to Jägermeister who will take the ownership of the piece.

The residency participants will be paid a fee of 800 € for their work during Kunsthaus (note. artists must be able to invoice).


The residency will be accompanied by several events from which many will happen during weekends;

  • The opening event of the residency project where the artists are to be introduced to the public together with their older work

  • Open studios - Konstrundan 2024

  • Event in collaboration with Helsinki Design Week 2024 - to be produced together

  • Kunsthaus Jägermeister Artists get-together

  • Final residency exhibition

Important to know

  • Artists applying for the residency must reside in Finland

  • The residency does not provide accommodation

  • Active promotion of Kunsthaus is expected from the participants

If you have any questions related to this open call, please contact the residency curator Alex Kolllerová at


We look forward to receiving your applications!

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