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Kunsthaus Jägermeister is currently searching for a group of five (5) professional artists to join its residency project in Helsinki between August and September of 2023. The project is open to visual and multidisciplinary artists of diverse skills and backgrounds who create non-commercial, experimental and avant-garde work that aspires to push the limits of mainstream art. 


The group of artists selected to join the residency programme will work together three (3) days per week for a duration of five (5) weeks in a shared studio space in Hakaniemi, Helsinki. Each residency participant will be provided with a budget to create their own work that is to be exhibited in the final residency exhibition. Kunsthaus does not take any commission from the art that is made and sold during the art residency. In addition, a group piece is to be made by all residency participants. The piece will be showcased in the final exhibition and later gifted to Jägermeister who will take the ownership of the piece. 


During the residency, each participant is expected to run a workshop presenting their skills and/or techniques to their industry peers. The aim of the workshop is to bring visibility to the facilitating artists, to their skills and talents and at the same time enable them to connect and network with other creatives in their field.


The residency project will be accompanied by three (3) events; 


  • The opening event of the residency project where the artists are to be introduced to the public together with their existing work. 

  • Open studios.

  • Final residency exhibition.


Why to apply


Artists selected to participate in Kunsthaus Jägermeister 2023 will be paid a salary of 800 € for their participation in the project. In addition, the residency provides working space and working material for the duration of five (5) weeks. One of the aims of the project is to increase the visibility of the participating artists within the local and international art scene. The artists will therefore be actively promoted on Kunsthaus’ website and social media channels, interviews presenting their artistic practice and ideologies will be conducted and their work will be presented in various pop up exhibitions. 


Important to know


  • Artists applying for the residency must reside in Finland.

  • The residency project is to commence on 29th of August for a period of five (5) weeks up until 30th of September, 2023.

    The group of artists selected to join the residency programme will work together three (3) days per week (Mondays - Wednesdays) in a shared studio space in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

  • The working hours are flexible (8 am - 8 pm) for as long as the artists fulfil the agreed 24h of work per week.

  • Contracts must be signed by each participant by the end of May, 2023.

  • The residency project does not provide accommodation.


How to apply


The application period for the residency is open between 3.4. - 23.4. 2023. 


Please fill in this online application form and apply:  


In the application form, you will be asked to write a free form application letter explaining why you should be selected for the residency. This is where you let your imagination go crazy. We are looking for creative out-of-the-box ideas that are non-confirmative, daring to say the least.

We encourage the applicants to visit their innermost unexplored avenues, experiment with cross-disciplinary art or combine various techniques and media. There are no guidelines to tell you what is right and what is wrong. There is no theme. There are no limitations. All we ask from you is to respect every living being on this planet equally, do not promote discrimination or hatred in your work or glorification of certain groups or individuals over others. 


In addition, you will need to submit your artistic resume and portfolio of your recent work. Artists who fail to submit the requested information will be automatically disqualified from the selection process. The selection process is done by the project’s curator Alex Kollerová.


The selected applicants will be contacted in the beginning of May. 


Kunsthaus Jägermeister is an art residency project funded by Jägermeister. 


The goal of Kunsthaus Jägermeister is to give artists a place to create art, make connections, learn about being a professional artist and gain a visible foothold in the Finnish art scene. 

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