"I am working on abstract paintings. My technique is mainly acrylics on plywood. Often I will then sand the painting with sand paper or a sanding machine to reveal the layers of paint underneath. I love very big brushstrokes. I would say my style is delicate and bold at the same time. In my paintings the focus on aesthetics is a choice, with which I want to spread around positive energy.

Time and again I return to the thought that the whole universe (multiverse?) is full of consciousness. It could be that we are all of the same consciousness that has emerged into a human form to experience things. I am also intrigued by near death experiences where in people have told what they had seen on the border between life and death. One very usual vision has been an all encompassing bright light, that feels like an all forgiving love. What’s very often told too, is that the colors are more beautiful than on earth, and that there are more of them. 

Art is like a message in a bottle, I think. It’s like sending a message to the seas without knowing it’s receiver. An artist sends a message and no one knows whom it will reach. When an art piece speaks to it’s experiencer it will bring to them a feeling of connection. Someone else shares the same experience of beauty and/or similar thoughts. This is why the meaning/importance of art has increased to many during the pandemic."

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