"My name is Björk Hijoort.
I have created as long as a I can remember. Painting is my main medium but I feel in no way limited to the paintbrush. I create freely across a variety of mediums as much as I frequently paint on unconventional surfaces. 

I have a strong belief that art should never be limited nor confined to a specific place, space, or a a certain group of people. Art is for everyone and being human is an art form in its self. 

As an artist, you have the power, the possibility and the privilege as much as the burden of crossing all fields of topics and with the help of your creative force, make those topics come to life for others to experience in a new light.

I think art is much less about “understanding” the meaning and content of the actual art piece and much more about understanding the content and context of oneself - exploring meaning of what the art invites you to unravel about yourself.

Personally, I bring out the colours and mystical creatures to invite you to play and explore. I feel like there is an imbalance - it’s too much polarisation between black and white that people miss the whole magical spectrum in between."

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